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    Chimney Liner Insulation Kit 5in. x 20ft. - .5in Thickness
    Item Description:
    Item#: IN520-5KT   
    Price: $240.00
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    Available in 1/4" or 1/2" thickness. UL listed for use with Flex King and Flex King Pro chimney liners.

    We care about safety and health when installing wraps. Our foil-faced insulation wrap is a safer and healthier alternative to ceramic wool blankets. Our 2100 degree insulation blanket has an accelerated rate of solubility in body fluids and a very low bile persistence.

    Foil-Faced Flexible Chimney Liner Insulation Kit. Includes: insulation wrap, adhesive spray, stainless wire mesh, foil tape, and 2 clamps (for securing wire mesh).

    NOTE: If you are venting a solid fuel appliance you should wrap the liner with a total of 1/2 inch of insulation. Gas or Oil needs only 1/4 inch of insulation wrap.
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