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    Flex King HD Chimney Liner - 6X20 - Insert Kit
    Item Description:
    Item#: FKM620I04   Customer Rating:
    Price: $575.00
    Leaves Warehouse Within: 1 to 3 Business Days
    6in Top Plate Options
    I need help selecting a Top Plate
    Insulation Kit (6x20)
    Why do I need Insulation?
    Cleaning Kit (6x20)
    Crown Repair (for cracked masonry)
    High Temperature Caulk

    Flex King HD is the ultimate chimney lining solution for venting solid fuel burning appliances.

    It's rugged design will hold up to tricky installations. It's flexibility and easy to handle weight will make it a breeze to install.

    Add to all of this the smooth wall interior and you have the ultimate flexible chimney liner. If you want the best all around solid fuel chimney liner solution than look no further than Flex King HD.

    Made in the USA


    Flex King HD Stainless Steel Lining Kit. Includes: Cap, Top Plate, SS Liner, Insert Connector, and Installation Instructions. Comes with the EZ Clamp component system for easy installation. This configuration is for wood, coal, pellet, gas, and oil that require an Insert Connector for the bottom terminations. (ie. connecting to a fireplace insert)

    flex king is ul tested and listed

    Don't forget to insulate. Click Here for Chimney Liner Insulation
    When do I need to insulate my chimney liner?

    If you are relining your chimney for a Solid Fuel or Oil application it is recommended that you insulate the chimney liner with insulation wrap or pour-down mix insulation.

    Get your chimney liner OVALIZED, SQUARIZED, or RECTANGULARIZED.
    Call 1-866-941-5112 for prices and a shipping quote.

    Click Here
    for an oval, square, and rectangle liner sizing chart.

    Upgrade to a Terra-Cotta Top Plate in order to mount the Top Plate to the existing Terra-Cotta Flue. Use the standard included top plate if you have no terra-cotta sticking up above the chimney crown.
    Choose this top plate from the options above.

    Upgrade to a Deluxe Cap and Top Plate Combo
    The cap has a quick and easy flip design so you can quickly get access to the flue for cleanings. Comes in flat or terra-cotta style top plates. (The kits Top Plate and Cap will be substituted.)

    NOTE: The Deluxe Terra-Cotta Cap/Top Plate is a custom component. Please allow time for fabrication. Ask your sales rep for est. build time
    Choose this top plate from the options above.

    Don't forget a cleaning kit, so you can clean your liner yourself and save big!
    Click here to view Chimney Cleaning Kits

    If your chimney crown is cracked or deteriorating our Flexible Chimney Crown Repair is what you need to repair it.

    NOTE: If you add Chimney Crown Repair to your kit, it will save you money over adding it to your cart separately.

    Click here to view Chimney Crown Repair products
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